Tipperary Crystal Reed Diffusers - Rosemary & Lavender

Tipperary Crystal Reed Diffusers - Rosemary & Lavender

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This is a beautifully designed Rosemary & Lavender Fragranced Diffuser with a deeply aromatic blend of Italian rosemary and French lavender producing a stylish scent. A delightful fragrance that will refresh and invigorate.


Simply remove the cap and insert the reeds into the bottle of scented oil. Allow a few minutes for the reeds to absorb some of the fragrance. Carefully withdraw the reeds, turn them upside down and place the dry ends back in the bottle. The oils will travel up through the reeds and begin to diffuse the fragrance. Refresh the scent by turning the reeds upside down every few days. The fragrance should last up to four months. Always wash you hands after coming into contact with the oils.

Product dimensions: 100ml

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