Anything But Treason - Book 1 By M.J Twomey

Anything But Treason - Book 1 By M.J Twomey

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Anything but Treason
Adventures of a Victorian Soldier - Book 1

Grievously injured. Maliciously persecuted. Never defeated.

Crimea, 1854. Facing court-martial for disobeying orders, Lieutenant Samuel Kingston from Clonakilty despairs when avaricious aristocrats threaten his family for Samuel's interference with an eviction during the great famine. The young Anglo-Irishman’s only hope of salvation is accepting a commission assisting William Walker and his filibusters win Nicaragua’s bloody civil war.

Fighting through the freezing steppes of Crimea, the streets of London and Cork, and the scorching jungles of Central America, Samuel faces betrayal at every turn. And when he discovers Walker’s villainous post-war intentions, he must choose between doing what’s right and his father’s life.

Can this heroic officer make an impossible choice between family and justice?
First book in the Adventures of a Victorian Soldier series. Combat, deceit, and eye-opening portrayals of class structure abound in this tale of bravery and sacrifice.


★★★★★ from Reedsy Discovery “MUST READ...This story is extremely well-written. The description of the camp scenes and battles scenes is not heavy yet paints the perfect picture to have the reader feel present in the heat of it all. All the senses are brought into play without making it 'literary heavy'. It is a modern tale written with depth. The characters are rich and full of life. They gave the story color and direction. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them and following them as the story progressed. They were real. A story that goes beyond just a plot. This is history coming alive. You'll be wanting to know more about the war and the people in it after you read this book. Fiction? Yes, but it is based on history and full of tantalizing scenes.”
Shortlisted for the Society for Army Historical Research 2021 Prize for Military Fiction, a prestigious prize established to encourage authors to write stories in the tradition of C. S. Forester's Death to the French and George McDonald Fraser's Flashman and McAuslan stories with the literary merit to inspire a new generation of military history enthusiasts and scholars.

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